Will Zuma face 783 charges ? Meet the woman who will decide

Will Zuma face 783 charges ? Meet the woman who will decide

Shaun " the Sheep " Abrahams is a member of the Shadow State cartel, the Zuptas, whose actions of looting and creating racial hatred have brought South Africa to its knees. Abrahams is in charge of protecting members of the Shadow State, especially Jacob Zuma783 and the Guptas, from prosecution. He can do that because as head of the NPA - National Prosecuting Authority - he gets to decide who gets prosecuted in South Africa and who dont.

That is his only role.

He is now overseeing a make believe and fake so called investigation into the Guptas intended to obfuscate and blow hot air but in the end absolve Zuma and senior ANC members directly involved in the #statecapture scandal from guilt

He is a sly and unscrupoulous man without morals.

He has assembled a group of fellow criminals in suits around him, so called advocates , who are doing his and the Zuptas bidding at the NPA.

Abrahams has placed this criminal element in the NPA in all the top positions. This tight knit group, or CABAL, are in complete control of the NPA.

Abrahams's modus operandi is this. He has placed CABAL members in deputy positions to himself. All the possible cases that implicate Jacob Zuma783 or the Guptas are eventually referred to Abrahams for a decision.

Abrahams then refers these cases to his deputies, fellow CABAL members, to decide whether there will be prosecution. He does this so that his own fingerprints wont be on a decision to decline prosecution.

Take the case where Abrahams need to decide on the fraud case involving the 783 charges of fraud against Zuma783.

Abrahams has delegated this to a committee headed by fellow CABAL member Adv Moipone Noko, head of the NPA in KZN.

Noko has a long history of declining to prosecute in cases where senior ANC or Shadow State figures are implicated.

Here is a breakdown :

Adv Noko and Adv Lawrence Mrwebi decided not to go ahead with charges against ANC members Peggy Nkonyeni and Mike Mbuyakhulu, at the time members of the Provincial Government in KZN . The charges against Nkonyeni and Mbuyakhulu stemmed from a massive fraud case where a businessman , Gaston Savoi , bribed numerous people in the KZN Health Department to give him the business of supplying a water purification plant. The case was dubbed the " Amigos " case in the media.

The previous acting PDPP in KZN, Adv Mlotschwa, felt there was a case to be answered by Nkonyeni and Mbhuyakhulu.In fact Mlotschwa was removed,and replaced with Noko,simply because of this case.Noko was brought in by Zuma783 to act as his legal shield for himself and senior ANC members in KZN.

Noko also withdrew the case against Thoshan Panday and colonel Navin Madhoe, from the SAPS in KZN, who tried to bribe Genl Johan Booysen with R2 Million.Thoshan Panday is a highly connected individual and a business partner of Edward Zuma,son of Zuma783.

Panday wanted to bribe General Johan Booysen to drop an investigation involving a fraud case where Panday and colonel Navin Madhoe defrauded the KZN Police with R60 million by providing inflated prices for accomodation during the 2010 soccer world cup.

Noko also dropped the case against tenderpreneur Shauwn Mpisane, the go to woman for tenders of the eThekwini municipality.

Noko also sanctioned the prosecution of KZN judge president Mr Justice Patel on spurious charges.

The charges were withdrawn and the NPA is facing a three million rand civil suit for malicious prosecution.